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Works Beautifully
Ethel Horace on May 11, 2023

Summer is my favorite season of the year. However, I hate the insects that accompany summer, especially mosquitoes. My body will experience severe allergic reactions after being bitten. I have huge swelling and extreme itching for 5-7 days. Most importantly, I remember the ugly scars. Later, my friend recommended this mosquito killer to me. He said he was using it and the effect was very good. He asked me to try it too. Thank him so much. I am very satisfied with this mosquito killer. It will perform the expected actions and eliminate these errors. I like that it is quiet enough to be used as a night light when you sleep. I also like to use it in the kitchen and bathroom. I suggest you invest in this product, and your skin will love it too.

It definitely works!!!
Cynthia Sans on Jun 01, 2023

I have a daughter who has a severe reaction to mosquito bites. Therefore, we have been looking for a large number of insect repellents to prevent her from being bitten by mosquitoes. Just use an ordinary plug. Although I want to say that it kills all mosquitoes, it does have an impact. We spend a lot of time indoors, so controlling the number of mosquitoes is very important to us. I would recommend it, I did not get any benefit for giving due evaluation to the product. You can trust my comment to be honest. good luck!

Perfect, Just What I Needed For The Yard
Jason Novotny on Jun 05, 2023

Great bug killer. I have a small yard because I live in a townhouse. That said, I think this area used to be a swamp or something because there is a whole lot of flying bugs. I tried bug spray for the yard and it only partially helped. I found this bug light and jumped on it. It’s a good size. Not too big nor too small. I hung it in my yard and within minutes it was zapping bugs satisfactorily. It kills them dead. It’s great murdering those awful mosquitoes, moths and beetles.

It Kills
John Hemshire on Jun 08, 2023

Its really good at attracting them. And killing them. If you see bugs near it on the outside tap it. Make them move and then listen to the sweet sounds of electrocution. Its good for you and its entertaining.

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