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Wake up Refreshed After a good night's sleep

Back, neck and shoulder pain is often caused by (or exacerbated by) poor posture and an inappropriate pillow.

Eventually, your joints and muscles will not be able to recover from the poor sleeping position as before, so the right pillow will be beneficial.

Poor sleep means you wake up tired, angry, and struggling. Derila helps you get enough sleep for the next day.

How the Derila Memory Foam Pillow Can Help Help You Sleep

Derila follows the natural curve of your spine, and the memory foam conforms to your weight and shape, so it provides the support you need to sleep pain-free.

Better Sleep , From the First Night

Undo The Damage Done By Poor Quality Sleep

Reduces Pain In Muscles And Head

A bad sleeping position (especially when combined with stress) can cause back pain and tension headaches. Derila provides support to reduce pain.

Helps To Eliminate Snoring

A regular first often causes snoring because it does not support the neck position correctly. Derila can help for better breathing and reduce snoring.

Sleep Anywhere

For commuters and travelers Derila can be taken anywhere, so you can sleep soundly in your car or on the plane

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Proper Alignment Is Revolutionary In Your Sleep

If you are used to waking up feeling groggy, tired and your body aches because of poor sleep, Derila can help you.

Made from more advanced memory foam, Derila isn’t just supportive — it molds to a unique shape, just like a custom pillow (at a lower cost). That means, no matter how you like to sleep (on your back, side or face), you’ll get the sleep you need.

Derila consumers find that joint pain and tension are reduced, snoring is reduced, and they can get up ready to face another day with smiles.

Sleep-Friendly Supports Any Position

Side Sleeping

Sleeping on the back

Sleep on your back

Derila Vs Standard Pillow

Standard pillows

Traditional pillows aren't made to support your head, meaning your spine takes on an unnatural curve -- causing it pain, discomfort and poor quality sleep.

Derila support pillow

Derila uses advanced memory foam technology to straighten and support the natural position of your spine, reducing pain and improving sleep.

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What's Inside The Derila Pillow:

  • 1


    This high quality memory foam adapts to your shape and weight.

  • 2


    Wings on both sides mean the Derila works for side, back, and prone sleepers.

  • 3


    Holds your neck at the correct height for a natural sleeping position.

  • 4


    Hold your head gently to minimize movement, rotation, and restlessness.

  • 5


    Controls the temperature so you can sleep well.

Get The Sleep You Need To Get Through The Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Poor sleeping position is the leading cause of pain. Derila helps reduce back and neck pain, along with tension headaches and shoulder pain, by supporting your spine throughout the night.
Shallow sleep is often due to discomfort, stress, or snoring. Derila will help provide a comfortable, supportive sleeping position that will help you lie down well and sleep more deeply.
Yes! Derila is light and easy to carry anywhere, and can be used anywhere – on planes, in hotels or even in your car. It works in any sleeping position.
Yes — many customers buy extra pillows for their friends and family. It makes a great gift for people who work long hours or travel a lot, or for the elderly who experience joint and muscle pain.