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Straighten Your Clothes FASTER and EASIER

Experience convenience and efficiency with the compact power of the Mini Steam Iron!


1-year Warranty

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Product Specification

Liquid capacity: 0.8L or less

Temperature setting gear: two-speed temperature regulation

Water tank capacity: 50ML

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated power: 33W

Product size: 180 x 62 x 84MM

Rated voltage: 100-240V

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Advanced Technology and Portability

This amazing product is truly loved by everyone. The Mini Steam Iron is currently the best-selling portable iron in the market.With its Ultra Fine Mist feature , Better Moistured Ironing Effect is guaranteed.


How It Works

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The mini steam iron is designed to be easy to handle and use, making it a comfortable and convenient tool for ironing small fabrics, such as blouses, shirts, skirts, and pants. Its ergonomic design helps to reduce discomfort and strain on the wrist and hand during prolonged use, making it ideal for individuals who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome


The small size and lightweight of the mini steam iron make it perfect for traveling or tight storage spaces, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are always on the go, such as business travelers or vacationers who need an easy and quick way to iron their clothes.


The mini steam iron is suitable for different types of fabric due to its steam function which reduces the need for harsh chemicals or heavy pressing, making it a a safe and efficient way to remove wrinkles from clothes. The steam penetrates deep into the fabric, leaving it smooth and wrinkle-free in just a few passes.

Amazing Features of Mini Steam Iron

Pointed-Tip Design

The pointed detail design of the tiny steam iron allows it to handle the delicate corners of the clothing during the ironing process. For instance, it is simple to fix the regions surrounding the buttons and the mouth of the clothing. Perfect for those who demand perfection.

Big Water Capacity

Our portable handheld iron is quite affordable when compared to the 20ml and 30ml tiny irons already on the market. When traveling, we have a 50 ml water storage tank that allows us to iron many articles of clothes at once, which substantially increases productivity and satisfaction!

Indirect Ironing

Whatever is ironed cannot be set on top of the item immediately. The item will get damaged with prolonged storage. After each ironing, you may place the heat-insulating silicone pad that we've given on the silicone pad. To stop the heating from continuing, remove the plug!

Easy to Use Mini Steam Iron


Fill the water storage


Turn on the mini steam iron


Humidify your clothes


Start Ironing